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This page has been set aside to help orient you to the Terrace Green Home Owners Association and acquaint to the origin and history of HOA. As members of the Association, we all share in ensuring its long life and in living cooperatively.

Terrace Green was one of the first planned unit developments in Oregon.  The August 1968 issue of the National Association of Home-building Magazine used Terrace Green land plan as the cover design and key symbol for its seventh annual full-scale report on innovations in land use.  The original plan called for a shopping park which later became additional housing.  A top-of-the-line house containing 1,450 sq. ft. on a $3,200 lot sold for $21,950.  After the site was developed construction of homes began in 1969.  The last home was constructed on Offenbach during 1990.

                                       GENERAL INFORMATION

We have an alarm system in the Recreation Hall. The lights on various streets are maintained by the City and are paid for as part of your annual Tax assessment. Since Terrace Green is a planned unit development, signs have been posted at various entrances that prohibit trespassing unless invited or as an owner. Report any suspicious incident to the Secretary or any Board member, and remember security is our individual responsibility.

Architectural & Yard/Grounds
Our Rules and Regulations pamphlet (found under Member Login) specifies what is allowed in regard to fences, additions and remodeling. Before you proceed with any outside improvements, please give a call to the Chairperson of the Architectural Committee. Most projects must be approved by the Board of Terrace Green. The appearance of our individual yards and grounds is of utmost importance to all of us. When individual properties are not appropriately maintained, steps are taken to ensure Terrace Green's agreed upon standards by sending letters to homeowners asking that they do what is necessary. If the Board's request(s) are not met, the Board after serious consideration, has the necessary work performed and bills the homeowner accordingly.

Rec Hall & Pool
The Recreation Hall and Pool are two of the major attractions of Terrace Green. Cooperation is needed from all residents in order to maintain these areas. The rules and use of these areas are covered in the Rules and Regulations. Please become familiar with the rules and make sure anyone under your supervision is instructed to abide by them. It is requested that you consider other area residents when using the facilities, i.e., noise, frequency of use, size of groups and clean up. General liability insurance is carried by the Association, and it is most important that we follow the Rules and Regulations in order to maintain the current premium rate.

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